(2/9) Enter the Lotus at EOTO & Crizzly’s Live Dubstep Party

Saturday, February 9th, EOTO & Crizzly will perform an improvised dubstep set from the midst of an electricfied Lotus. This frentic EDM (electronic-dance-music) tour finds its way to The Howard Theatre as part of the co-headliner’s world tour. In concert, the EOTO duo of Michael Travis and Jason Hann infuse rock, jazz, and world groove into their live sets, driven by a rack of keyboards, electric percussion and drums, which they play live. Crizzly’s dubstep set, however, swings heavier with hip-hop influences, as he spins tailor-made “Crunkstep” remixes which always ignite crowds. Experience the Lotus effect of EOTO & Crizzly when they perform at The Howard Theatre on February 9th!

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