3/5 Ehud Banai (Just Announced)


Ehud Banai requires no introduction. His music has been accompanying us for over three decades.

Our paths have crossed in the army, on trips to India and at weddings. He has been with us on every journey we have taken, and at all the meaningful moments of our lives.

We are excited to announce that, after over a decade, Ehud Banai, Israel’s Rock troubadour, is returning to the US with his remarkable band. In a tour that will include six breathtaking performances, they will create a unique celebration of rhythm, energy, tunes and tales that will take the audience on a powerful and emotional musical journey.

The performances will include Ehud’s greatest songs: Avoda Shchora, Zmancha Avar, Ir Miklat, David Ve’Shaul, Yotze Laor, Hayom, Tip Tipa, Jamali Forush and many more!

Gil Smetana bass guitar / Nushi Paz guitars / Eran Porat drums / Elad Cohen-Bonen percussions Ehud Banai Singing, guitars, harmonica

“In one word ‘wow’. In three words ‘go and see’… Eternal peace is the feeling that accompanied me at the end of an evening that managed to stir, lift and surprise as one” Noa Livni – Chanel 10

Ehud Banai was born in Jerusalem in 1953, to a family of actors and musicians. One of Israel’s most successful singer-songwriters, he is also considered a rare rock troubadour and a storyteller. To date, Banai has released 14 albums. He has given thousands of performances in Israel, written two books, hosts a radio show, composes music for the theatre, cinema and dance (twice he has won an Israeli Oscar for film scores) and, like the title of one of his songs, he always keeps moving.

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