Cultivated from rare black cherries found in the French Basque Country, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir combines the aroma of fresh cherries and sweet red fruits with dark fruit flavors and layers of spice. The result: a sophisticated, sensuous flavored vodka and exceptional complement to any night. This night will be unlike any other. Brilliant in it’s image, fine tuned in every detail, and diverse in it’s execution. Be there and be beautiful as we turn The Howard Theatre into #HOTELNOIR.

Event Packages:

All Packages include admission for up to 6 people, and guaranteed booth seating:

  • Bronze Package -$500- includes (1) bottle Grey Goose + (1) bottle of Vueve champagne
  • Silver Package - $750 - includes (1) Grey Goose + (1) Patron Silver + (1) Vueve champagne
  • Gold Package - $1,000 - includes (2) Grey Goose + (2) Vueve champagne + (1) Patron Silver
  • Platinum Package - $1,500 - includes (2) Grey Goose + (1) Ace of Spades champagne + (1) Patron Silver

These packages are available for PRE-SALE only. On the night of event, only our regular bottle service menu will be available.

(Prices are EXCLUDING tax and gratuity, which will be paid upon arrival with your server.)