Argentinian ska-punk band Los Autenticos Decadentes (One True Thing) was formed in 1986 as a high-caliber party band. Despite these modest intentions, the group's popularity soon ballooned in its home country, owing in large part to the band's stylistic versatility and its impressive number of excellent musicians. After releasing its debut album El Milagro Argentino (The Argentine Miracle) in 1990, the band signed with BMG in 1991, releasing Supersonico (Supersonic) later that year and El Nuevo Milagro (The New Miracle) in 1992, which featured the hit "Siga el Baile" ("Follow the Dance"). After the release of Fiesta Monstruo (Party Monster) in 1993, the band's next big hit came with the release of Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) in 1995. The song "La Guitarra" ("The Guitar") crested the top of the local music charts.

Since the mid-'90s, Los Autenticos Decadentes' popularity has expanded beyond Argentina, thanks to a track record of consistently high-quality releases and tours throughout South America and the U.S. Notable releases include Cualquiera Puede Cantar (Anyone Can Sing) (1997), Hoy Trasnoche (Today-Hours) (2000), Sigue Tu Camino (Go Your Way) (2003), the live album 12 Vivos (12 Alive) (2005), Club Atletico Decadente (Decadent Athletic Club) (2006), Somos (We) (2008), and Irrompibles (Unbreakable) (2010). Having just celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, the band continues to produce the captivating blend of ska, rock, reggae, and Latin rhythms for which it is famous.


Inheriting the fine musical tradition of Uruguay and influenced by the best of Argentine rock, the music of No Te Va Gustar (The Like) (NTVG) traverses a unique path into the heart of its native culture. With heartfelt, intelligent lyrics and a versatile musicality that makes definitive categorization all but impossible, the band boasts a rock-reggae sound that falls somewhere between authentic and cosmopolitan. The band's six studio releases and two DVDs represent the strength of its live performances, which have taken the group to cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, and more - a reflection of the immense global popularity that NTVG has amassed in little more than a decade.

After debuting with the independent release Solo de Noche (Alone at Night) in 1999, NTVG gained major label backing for its next release, Este Fuerte Viento que Sopla (The Strong Wind that Blows) (2002). The album went Gold in less than six months, and the band's next release Aunque Cueste Ver el Sol (Even Thought it's Hard to View the Sun) (2005) propelled it onto a global stage with a supporting European tour. A live concert DVD released in 2006 further amplified the band's popularity and enabled it to take the stage at major South American music festivals including Pilsen Rock in Uruguay and Paraguay. With its recent releases Todo es Tan Inflamable (Everything is So Flammable) (2006), El Camino Mas Largo (The Longest Way) (2008), and Por Lo Menos Hoy (At Least Today) (2010), NTVG has continued to enjoy lasting chart success in South America and around the world.

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