Arguably the most influential and successful European thrash metal band ever, Germany's Kreator is also by far the most enduring. Like many of their European speed metal brethren.Kreator fused Metallica's thrash innovations with Venom's proto-black metal imagery, sparked it with Motörhead's balls-out velocity, and capped it off with the nihilistic outlook typical of heavy metal since the seminal days of Black Sabbath. Kreator's career also mirrored speed metal's rising and waning fortunes: building from strength to strength throughout the 1980s, only to fall on hard times in the 1990s. Now seemingly reborn in their third decade of activity, Kreator are certified worldwide superstars who still tour as widely and frequently as bands half their age -- now that's resilience.

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After quite a few years away from the visible hard rock scene, Germany’s legendary Accept have returned to the metal forefront with an elated new singer, a euphoric new album and global tours. Yes, Accept are back to carry on the timeless tradition of the infectious, immediately identifiable Accept sound, but with fresh ideas and a matured outlook on music and life. A new era begins!

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Swallow the Sun

Swallow the Sun is a Finnish melodic doom metal/death metal band. Formed in the Spring of 2000 by Juha Raivio. Juha was playing guitar in Plutonium Orange with Pasi Pasanen, but had written music that didn’t fit their style. Thus he formed Swallow the Sun for this outlet. Together they rehearsed some of the songs written including Through Her Silvery Body and Out of This Gloomy Light. Later in 2001 they called upon friend and fellow musician Markus Jämsen to be the second guitarist in the new band. Mikko Kotämäki had the vocal strength they were looking for; he joined from Funeris Nocturnum. Together the foursome rehearsed some songs, and began to look for a bass player and keyboardist. Quickly Aleksi Munter and Matti Honkonen, also from Funeris Nocturnum joined. Swallow the Sun was born.

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