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With the release of her debut CD, Beautiful Flower, Ayanna Gregory has introduced herself to the world.  For this soul singer, songwriter, and agent of change, music is more than entertainment; it is her mission.  And with penetrating depth, Ayanna sings songs that make audiences feel and heal.  In a time so needy of real music, Ayanna promises to bring to the world a most beautiful and meaningful brand of Soul Music.
 Ayanna is no stranger to the entertainment world.  While growing up as the daughter of celebrated Comedian and Human Rights Activist Dick Gregory, Ayanna was blessed with the opportunity to interact with such mega talents as Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family.  But the glamour of the entertainment world isn’t what resonated most with her.  Raised with a deep awareness and concern for Human Rights, Ayanna’s musical roots are steeped in the struggle of the “Freedom Movement”.  Ayanna knew early on that her gift of song would be her gift to the struggle.

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