Ryan Leslie

Born in Washington, DC and raised in 8 cities across 2 continents, Ryan Leslie became a senior at Harvard by the age of 19.  Ryan has spent the last seven years producing records for a myriad of artists and releasing 2 award-winning albums of his own.  He's also passionate about technology, philanthropy and social media and has served as an invited speaker at schools ranging from the Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem to the NYU Stern School of Business.

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J. Holiday

There are no mirrors or tricks here, no sleight of hand. When J. Holiday talks earnestly of “following my dreams” and “being in love with music,” it’s not a deliberately sympathetic portrayal by a partial writer. In fact, J.’s talent is matched -in rarity and intensity—only by his enthusiasm. His candor and vulnerability are refreshing, given the static, formulaic state of R&B. The question most are asking, though, is where did J. Holiday come from? The answer is short, but runs deep: D.C.  And while D.C.’s trademark sounds breed musicianship- “so many talented cats playing go-go or in church”—the city remains untapped. But it’s home, and home, for J. Holiday, is where the art is. He was born into a musical family; mother Frances, one of 11 siblings, sang gospel with her 5 sisters, while his older sister supplied backing vocals for Crystal Waters.

Reveling in his freedom, J. Holiday set about forging his own identity. “T.A.” arranged for a performance in front of Capitol Records music executives, which landed him on the fittingly named label. That passion begat his full-grown debut, Back of My ‘Lac. Though the record sports the requisite club-pleasers and woman-teasers -“I get that soft side from my mother”-- Holiday has brought an unexpected edge to R&B music. He bears, proudly and boldly, a street sensibility and bravado normally reserved for hip-hop. That versatility, genuine and uncontrived, encapsulates J. Holiday. “It wasn’t done purposely. I just speak from what I’ve been through, or what my homies been through. I just try to keep it real. I let a track talk to me. If a track feels like a love song, I write a love song. But, you have to make that song mean something. If it’s not heartfelt for me, it’s not going to be heartfelt for anybody. I think people are too concerned with having one hit song, and the artistry that goes into an entire album is getting lost.”

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Reesa Renee

Reesa Renee is an artist, musician, songwriter, and lyrical poet from the DC Metropolitan Area. Her voice skims through the soulful sounds of the jazz era and then fast-forwards your musical clocks to the more modern sounds of the R&B greats of today. Add that to an energetic ensemble of musical harmonies and undertones and you get an amazing experience.

Reesa Renee launched her solo career in 2011 and in October, became the second person to win the prestigious Amateur Night at the Apollo in the last three years with her original song, "Got Me Loose". She has performed alongside of musical veterans Eric Roberson, Raheem DeVaughn, Chuck Brown, Roy Ayers and Wale and also has been spoken highly of by Hometown Radio Personality EZ Street and even bigger, her biggest inspiration Jill Scott.

Reesa dreams to make a lasting impact on the community through music, and has done a great job as of yet, in the pursuit of bringing her artistry to life. Currently operating as an independant artist she continues to work hard and diligently to press towards her aspirations while simultaneously inspiring others to reach above and beyond their circumstances and achieve the unachievable, may her success be an inspiration to all!

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