English symphonic rock band Renaissance rose from the ashes of the seminal UK rock group, the Yardbirds, with vocalist Annie Haslam and principal songwriter and guitarist Michael Dunford to define their work with folk rock and classicalfusions. The group will tour this fall to to re-introduce to new generations the lush, orchestral favorites that made them a staple of 1970s progressive rock FM radio.
During their 2011 sold out tour, they were welcomed with standing ovations as theybrilliantly performed the classics that fans had been waiting so long to hear again.
Over the band’s lengthy career they have recorded fifteen albums. Despite explorations into solo careers Haslam and Dunford remain the creative core of Renaissance. The current lineup includes keyboardist Rave Tesar and bassist/vocalist David J. Keyes, drummer Joe Goldberger, and keyboardist Jason Hart.
Coupled with the radiant, acrobatic five octave voice of Annie Haslam, they revisit the symphonic textures and poetic lyrics that embody the band’s compelling international themes, with fresh interpretations of their most admired compositions.
Renaissance will perform in two acts their acclaimed album Novella  in its' entirety plus a treasure trove of their classics and debut selections from their new album Grandine il Vento.

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