Sharon Corr - Grammy Nominee/Brit Award Winner, singer/songwriter and violinist - hugely successful both as a member of legendary Irish group The Corrs and now as a solo artist.

Much has been written about the incredible talent for melodies The Corrs exhibited throughout their 15 year long career. Their unique blend of Celtic/Pop/Rock sold over 40 million albums. They toured arenas and stadiums across the globe. With a string of massively successful albums and singles played to this day like Runaway, So Young, Radio, Breathless - The Corrs have been a household name on every continent.

"Music is what makes me tick" says Sharon and true to that when The Corrs took time off to focus on their growing families, Sharon - while having her own 2 children -began to write and record her debut solo album "Dream Of You" released in 2010.

"Dream Of You" is a collection of beautifully crafted, melodic pop gems, a remarkable debut that demands to be listened to in full - each story and melody flowing seamlessly into the next. Album features a stunning version of Mna na hEireann with legend Jeff Beck. If the hits Sharon wrote for The Corrs were her songs of innocence her solo album can be described as her songs of experience.
Sharon has relished her new role as a solo artist: playing festivals such as Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight and touring extensively. Music remains Sharon's great passion and it is simply who she is and what she does.
Sharon continues to support the causes she believes in. The Corrs were ambassadors of Nelson Mandela's 46664 Campaign, they took part in Live 8, Pavarotti and Friends for The Children of Liberia and The Prince's Trust 2004. They also supported the families and victims of the Omagh bombing. In recognition of their work the band members were awarded MBEs.

Today Sharon is the face of OXFAM Ireland with their recently launched campaign Make Space for OXFAM, she is also a patron of Console - who help prevent suicide and council the suicide bereaved.

In addition Sharon has recently taken on a new role as one of the coaches on hugely successful talent show "The Voice of Ireland" which gives her a unique opportunity to share her experience with chosen contestants.

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