Bareto was born in 2003 as an instrumental group. In 2005, an EP called Ombligo was released. The next year was the time for their first LP, Boleto, with original songs that combine Jamaican reggae and ska with some cumbia and latin flavor.

In 2008, Bareto released Cumbia, their second LP. It contains instrumental covers of the late Juaneco y su combo (a psicodelic cumbia group from the seventies) songs. Their fresh interpretations of classical songs (for the Peruvian market) like “Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo” and “Mujer Hilandera” where suddenly at the top of the charts nationwide.

The group toured all over Perú for the next two years. They earned a Gold Record for major sales, in a country where music piracy reign all over, and they received several awards, including Best Peruvian/Fusion Album by El Comercio, the most important national newspaper.

In 2010, Bareto released another EP, Sodoma y Gamarra, which contains two more great hits for the band: “No juegue con el diablo” (an old Cuban song rearranged by the group) and “Cariñito” (originally from Peruvian folk-cumbia legends Los hijos del Sol). This EP also contains some original material, like the song “La distancia” (a duet with Peruvian folklore diva Dina Paucar) and the instrumentals Ceja de Selva and Sodoma y Gamarra.

Bareto’s latest LP is: Ves lo que quieres ver (in english “you see just what you want to see”. Now we find ten songs written by the group, in their first time working with a music producer (Miami based Manuel Garrido-Lecca), mixing cumbia, reggae, psychedelia and dub, among other latin genres. The lyrics talk about how peruvians have to deal with their differences as society (in Perú, every city is like a little country) to keep the machine going, in a context of prosperity… at least as the macroeconomic numbers say.

The first single off the album is called “Camaleon” (“Cameleon”), a song about how politicians change every time because of their personal convenience, no matter what’s better for their community. In the music video, a clown try a “politician costume” and go for the election poll.

Other subjects in the record are racism, social differences and street insecurity, facts that coexists in Peru’s everyday reality, but that are not easy to talk about, because, as the title of the album suggest, “you see just what you want to see”.

The Argentinian singer and composer Kevin Johansen is the special guest in the album, singing in the track “Matagalán”.

Ves lo que quieres ver is nominated for the Latin Grammy awards 2012, for Best Record Package.


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