Sampson is an award-winning, black, openly gay stand up comedian, writer and activist. He's been touring the country performing comedy since 2003, and includes tirelessly crusading against homophobia, poverty and youth homeless to his schedule as an activist. Although he fits into a double minority category, being both black and gay, he refuses to be defined by these portions of his identity and performs mainstream venues that have included Broadway in New York, Arena Stage, DAR Constitution Hall, The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The 2012 International AIDS Conference at The Washington Convention Center, Colleges including Harvard and Central Michigan University as well as numerous LGBT pride festivals and events, as well as with notable entertainers such as Patti LaBelle and RuPaul. He has been featured in several print publications such as The Washington Post, The Examiner, MetroWeekly, Washington Blade, SWERV, Truth Magazine and On Tap and been featured on MTV, BET, VH1, and The Own Network. He's also the author of two books "Taboo Village: A Perspective On Being Gay In Black America" and "Ebonic Faggotry".

His comedy has been called "riveting, refreshing, original, conversational, bold, conscious, intelligent, honest and good news." As his takes on life, religion, sexuality, politics, family and society leaves audiences doubled over in laughter.

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