LyQuin is an upcoming artist out of Fort Washington, MD with a great ear for music and the work ethic to compliment. This 23 year-old talent was raised in a family with an established musical background so he grew up with different sounds all around him. He recalls unique musical experiences from ages as early as 5 or 6. His parents exposed him and his siblings to music early and often; everySaturday, they would get together to play records and enjoy each other’s company. His earliest influences came from 1980s and 90s R&B which he says contributes heavily to his tastes.

As he got older and started to explore more, LyQuin came across hip-hop and artists like Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls. His transition from a fan to an artist came gradually; he started off just freestyling for fun then began to write while he was away at college. As the story goes, once he came home from school and decided to take a real chance on music. He devoted himself to the studio and for a year straight, releasing both freestyles and original material; slowly building fans on Twitter and Instagram over the past two years.

LyQuin's debut release, ‘2Sides2aStory’ is a stylistic gumbo; everything from hardcore hip-hop to mellow R&B inspired records. He is quoted as saying “understanding music has changed and is not what it once was. Anybody can make a hit these days.

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Awthentik is by far not your typical emcee. Writing, Producing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering every track on his latest release Popular Misconception took him only 2 months to put together. The free mixtape will be released exclusively on but will also be available thru most popular hosting sites such and more. On Popular Misconception, Awthentik breaks down many fustrastions, and opinions on modern day culture and how television and media play such a major influence on todays striving artists.

Cliche rappers seem to find themselves more and more in a suitable costume for the buffoonery we see in mainstream rap. Awthentik presents a breath of fresh air with Popular Misconception, his third solo release. This project was a challenge in some sense for the Emcee/Producer/Engineer from Silver Spring,MD. Awthentik takes the 808 drumkit which is traditionally used for trap and pop music, to instead exclusively use this kit to build gritty, dirty, filthy tones out of his Akai MPC2000XL paired with Protools. Popular Misconception is sure to turn heads with its edgy lyrical content, and rugged beats. This project is free on along with as a pre release to Awthentik's album coming this Winter

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