Nemr is a Lebanese/American Stand Up Comedian who is credited with establishing and pioneering the stand up comedy scene throughout the Middle East where he performs in English. He grew up in San Diego and then moved back with his family to Lebanon where he went on to break down barriers and unite people in a region where bombing on stage can have a completely different meaning.

He is an accomplished comic with six full feature specials, a prime time television show "A Stand Up Comedy Revolution', a movie release of one of his specials 'EPIC', and currently holds the record for biggest show in every major country in the Middle East, with his latest special, Uninterrupted Funny Observations, selling out to 4,000 people in one night in Beirut alone just last July.

In May of 2014 he also featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine Middle East, yes there is one, and yes it's just as big a deal. Except to Nemr's dad. Who still thinks his son is unemployed.

He is now back in the land of the free, that would be the USA (some people confuse this with Saudi Arabia), and aims to do here what he did there, bring people together through laughter and merriment. He comes bearing gifts of myrrh and frankincense. No you can't smoke them.

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