Louis Weeks is a DC-based, Baltimore-bred electro/acoustic artist. His first album, shift/away debuted in early 2014, and was listed in the Washington City Paper as one of the Best Local Albums of 2014, and featured on NPR.

Louis's music mixes sharp and thoughtful lyrics with sweeping, lush acoustic and electronic arrangements. His songs are introspective and often somber, but pulse with an unlikely and idiosyncratic rhythmic energy. His new record, haha - which debuts in late May of 2015 - showcases Louis's signature style of songwriting and lyricism, but introduces a new, heightened focus on acoustic arrangements. This focus is due, in large part, to the album's three new collaborators - Noah Berman (guitars), Ethan Helm (woodwinds), and Matt Honor (drums) - who created a dense and unique acoustic counterpart to the album's electronic soundscapes.

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