Adam E. Project

Adam E. in collaboration with Jeff Boyd, Will Shriver, & Reagan Shawn is now Adam E Project. You've seen them around DC and Baltimore, and I know you guys saw them at 9:30 Club... but now we are making it official, "Adam E. Project":

Adam E. who signed a distribution deal with JMD records in 2011 and has been working tirelessly on sculpting his collection of musical work since then. Most recently, Adam has headlined NoKings Collective's events "The Know Fashion Fashion show," “DC Pallet Project” and “Submerge DC.”

Will Shriver, or "Mito", an up and coming dance/electronic music DJ and Producer based in NYC, Washington DC and Baltimore. He also plays bass in the band.

Jeff Boyd is a drummer from Silver Spring and has played in various different bands and performed at different venues all over the country, particularly in the Mid Atlantic

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One of the best female performers in the DMV, SaVannah started her love affair with stage performance at the tender age of 6 and is truly blazing her own lane. Coming off of a new single, recently released to WPGC 95.5, she's taking some of the city's hottest venues by storm with her dynamic stage presence and confidence. From the Fillmore to the Howard Theatre to a crowd of thousands this August when she takes the stage at the Ohio Music festival, SaVannah gives her all to any crowd she graces with her presence.

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Daryn Alexus

Born and raised in the city of Washington DC, Daryn spent her entire life engulfed in the arts. At the young age of 4, Daryn’s mother quickly noticed her talents and began putting her in every theater and dance program she could find. By age 12 Daryn had already stared in productions at Howard University and successfully auditioned for Broadway Productions in New York City. With age grew Daryn’s desire to learn and study the arts.She attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts High School in Washington DC, and continued her studies at Columbia College Chicago. Columbia College allowed Daryn to really focus and find her place in the artistic world of creation. This past year Daryn won Columbia’s annual Biggest Mouth Competition at The Metro, beating out hundreds of bands and performed at the main stage at the nationally recognized Manifest. Recently graduating from Columbia, Daryn has released her second EP of all original songs, Vintage Heart. Modern Love. vol2, which could be found at for free stream and download. Currently, Daryn is promoting her 2015 LP, "Green" and recently made her debut at Chicago's TIPFest to thousands of fans and music lovers.

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Devin White

A 2007 Graduate of the Prestigious Duke Ellington School of The Arts, Devin White is a Singer, Dancer, Songwriter in New York. Music evolves into a enthralling theatrical experience at the hands of White who constantly infuses theatrical imagery and precision into each of his live stage performances. Professional Highlights include Features in The Washington City Paper & Spotlight on Radio Station WKYS 93.9.

Devin White was Born September 8th 1989, In Virginia Beach, Virginia. He developed a love for music at the tender age of 10 and when most kids were mastering cursive handwriting, He was studying the gracefulness and etiquette of some of today's most seasoned entertainers. His love for music led him to musical theatre for much of his early childhood and he eventually attended the renowned "Duke Ellington School Of The Arts" with a focus in Theatrical Arts. Though acting fed his fetish for stage performance, he could not escape his desire towards music. Devin is passionate about being involved in every aspect of creating. From mixing to mastering to mic levels and melodic arrangement, Devin takes the driver seat.

Devin is constantly creating and learning and is responsible for the creation and engineering of every track he's recorded. "I think it should be mandatory that an artist develop a understanding and comprehension of working behind the scenes of their music. No one can create what you have in your mind but you. Whether your choice is artistically the most feasible is besides the point, an artist must take their craft in their hands and be completely responsible for the success or failure of each and every artistic endeavor."iCRed" is the first digital release from upcoming Pop recording artist, Devin White. The Interscope Records distributed release sports top notch Dance and R&B chart worthy anthems, including the release's first single, "Pulse" which garnered over 6,000 hits in less than a month of its official release. Other high points of the album include the Smooth and Sultry midtempo, "Rollercoaster", the bass heavy dance classic, "Let's Rock" and the gritty, techno driven "Like A Slave." Filled with rich melodies, intriguing concepts and a broad international/Urban appeal, "iCRed" is only the beginning of Devin's musical exhibition.