It’s hard to imagine a band playing music to blades of grass would someday take the Caribbean by storm. But that’s exactly how Kes got their start. Formed in 2005 by brothers Kees, Hans and Jon Dieffenthaller, along with friend Riad Boochoon, their upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, a melting pot of peoples, flavors and sounds, has helped them develop their own fusion of sound. One that mixes calypso melodies, rock riffs, island beats, and offbeat rhythms of reggae and taken them from a Caribbean phenomenon to a global musical talent

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Louis York

After fifteen Saturdays spent in a studio, surrounded by bad Chinese food and good times, Louis York was born. The musical creation of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, their first album is not one genre. Or influence. Or thought. Or message. It’s an exploration of it all. When stepping behind the mic for the first time in their careers, the Grammy nominated songwriter and producer decided to throw out every rule the business had told them to follow. It doesn’t matter how long, how many transitions or how many genres. Kelly and Harmony found themselves searching for one thing, and one thing alone – GREAT music.

Music they’re proud to introduce to the world. Music they believe does their rhythmic predecessors proud. And the two have tapped into their eclectic backgrounds and respective New York and St. Louis upbringings to do just that. Every vocal you hear is straight from Claude’s pipes. And every sound a product of Harmony’s hands. Their music truly comes from their hearts, written for the love of music and nothing else.

But words simply don’t do the justice a play button can. So enjoy.

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Masha has a country heart, a heavy metal soul, and a voice that resembles the hypnotic eye of a fierce hurricane. She began singing at age 11, and just a decade later, her haunting covers of popular radio singles were amassing millions of views on YouTube. Born in Latvia, raised in the New Jersey, residing in Nashville, her list of musical influences is as long as her spirit is deep. This unique perspective, along with the strength and character of Masha's voice, come together to make music that shocks, enchants, and inspires.

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