The Lookout Presents is a series of events and videos produced by members of the video collective, The Lookout DC.

The Lookout operates like a co-working space for independent video artists. Focused on community, The Lookout functions with the infrastructure of an agency with the decentralized structure of a collective of independent freelancers. We feel it is the new way of approaching creative production.


HIPPOTIS HOPPOITUS - Written and Directed by The Lookout Summer Interns


TWINFLOWER - Written and Directed by Jay Salbert
Rae never knew her mother - but on the morning of her father's birthday, Rae receives an old keepsake from her parents' mysterious past. This is the first film in a series of shorts that are being developed by DC-based filmmaker, Jay Salbert.

MUSIC OF THE SPHERES - Written and Directed by EMIC Films
Our ancestors believed that the movements of celestial bodies were a form of music. Wanda Diaz-Merced, a blind astrophysicist from Puerto Rico, studies the universe through sound, and carries of this ancient tradition.
music of the spheres

LIVE A LITTLE - Written and Directed by David Jaffe
After a drunken night ending in a fight; a man wakes up to find that a murder was committed and that he may be responsible. David Jaffe is a filmmaker in born & raised in Washington, D.C.

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