Etana’s name means “The Strong One” in Swahili, and it’s a title she more than lives up to with her music and presence. Since debuting in 2006 with the thought provoking single “Wrong Address,” the Jamaican-born singer has established herself as one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in reggae, blazing a new trail in a genre that has long been male-dominated.

From reggae and pop to rock and jazz, her musical influencesare varied and though she is not one to subscribe to labels, Etana describes her brand of music as reggae soul – “It is straight from the heart, straight from the soul, straight from the people and everyday life”.

Etana has also been an advocate and activist for impoverished children in Jamaica and battered girls through her charity organization the " STRONG ONES UNITED". Etana has been actively offering her services and time to various charity organizations for Jamaica, raising funds toward alleviating the problem of poverty in Jamaican garrison communities. A true ambassador for Reggae music and female in the music industry, she is relentless in spreading her message of "unconditional love" through positive music with the hope of uplifting her audience from any situation that render them weak or hopeless. Prepare yourself for the Etana Experience!

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