Retchy P is who every rapper wants to be. In that gap between real life and the recording booth, most rappers craft street tales, whether true or otherwise. Retch doesn’t make it up. One visit to his Instagram confirms just how real he keeps it, but it’s his cold, wrought iron raps of recent that’ve taken the internet by storm. He’s been co-signed by Action Bronson, who featured him on Blue Chips 2, and now his name is bubbling across the country.


Over the past few years rapper Meyhem Lauren has been making a name for himself in the underground hip-hop scene.
And in the last year, he’s elevated his status with his first record on Fool’s Gold called Piatto D’Oro which Rolling Stone named one of the best rap albums of 2016 so far & co-starring in VICELANDS hit show F**K THATS DELICIOUS .

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