Living in the Nation’s Capital, you would have heard The Young Senators performing seven nights a week at concerts and nightly music events called go-go’s. At that time, the term “go-go” was a musical event, not a style of music. The Young Senators played, and still play, all genres of music from FUNK, to POP/ROCK and R&B, but is, credited with having kicked off the hallmark style of music called “Go-Go” because of the call and response, and driving beat of their music.

In 1969, The Young Senators owned their own record label, Innovation Records, as well as a number one single “Jungle.” In 1972, The Young Senators went on to tour and record with the late Eddie Kendricks of the legendary Temptations becoming the first ever tour band to record with a major Motown artist. You can hear them on “A Girl, You Need Change Of Mind”, “Keep On Trucking” and ‘’Boogie Down”, all went gold.

For the last 20 years, June 11th is annually celebrated as “Eddie Kendricks and The Young Senators Day” as a part of Black Music Month.

Recently, deciding to get the group back together, Jimi Dougans (vocals and congas) contacted his long time sidekick, and bandmate James (Drummer) Johnson (drums and vocals), it became very apparent that they still had a passion for performing and made the decision to reload, and give their many “ol’ school” fans a special treat by performing together again. Now reloaded with, Edmond (Bubba) Harley on Bass, Vernon Burch on guitar, Jason Cook on Keyboards, and Eddie Saules on Keyboards.

After 2 decades, The Young Senators have reloaded and ready to perform again.

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