Better known by his stage name Devin the Dude, is an American hip hoprecording artist from Houston, Texas. He is perhaps best known for his unique rapping style, his long career signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, as well as his 2002 songs “Lacville ’79″ and “Doobie Ashtray”.

Devin Copeland was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on June 4, 1970 and moved to Texas while in the fourth grade.He spent his childhood moving back and forth from New Boston and Houston, finally settling in Houston after graduating from high school. He smoked marijuana for the first time at a skating rink in seventh grade; marijuana would later become a major influence on his music. As a teenager, Copeland became interested in breakdancing, joining several dance crews until he began rapping, which soon became his main interest. After graduating from high school, he met Rob Quest, a blind rapper and record producer, and the duo formed the group the Odd Squad.

Despite being a critical success, Devin the Dude has not achieved success in the mainstream but continues to be a well-known underground hip-hop artist. The New York Times has called him “A brilliant oddball with a spaced-out flow.” In addition, he has been called “Rap’s best-kept secret” and “Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.” In 2007, he appeared in a documentary titled Screwed In Houston produced by VBS/Vice Magazine that details the history of the Houston rap scene.

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