The Fabulous Five Inc. (Fab 5) are a reggae and soca band formed in Jamaica in 1970. Over a 45-year career they have released 27 albums, had numerous chart hits including several Number 1 hits in Jamaica, and backed singer Johnny Nash on the reggae tracks on his album I Can See Clearly Now. Two singles from that album, "Guava Jelly" and "Stir It Up", established Bob Marley as a major songwriter on the international scene.

Since then they have been kept on top by the likes of songs such as "Yu Safe", "Ring Road Jam", "Feeling Horny", "Computer Mad", "What The Police High Command Can Do", "Jamaican Woman", "Psalms", "All Night Party", "Mini", "Sweat", "Don't Wear None", "Freeze", "Good Buddy", "Mango" and their "Live" series.

They are Jamaica's pre‑eminent popular band, whether measured by record sales at home, hits on the charts, the frequency of engagements or major awards won over the years.


Born in Kingston, Lloyd Lovindeer formed The Fabulous Flames with friends, the group releasing their first single, "Holly Holy", in 1971. The group split up in the mid-1970s and Lovindeer began a solo career while living in Canada between 1976 and 1982.

He returned to Jamaica and had hits in the 1980s with "Babylon Boops" (a response to Super Cat's "Boops"), "Don't Bend Down", and "Man Shortage", before having the biggest hit of his career with "Wild Gilbert the island's biggest selling single, between 50,000 and 200,000 copies. The song also appeared on his album Why Don't We All Have Sex, which included another Gilbert-themed track, "Gilbert - One Hell of a Blow-Job", and this theme continued on his 1989 album Gilbert Yu Gone Lovindeer. He followed it with hits such as "Pocomonia Day", which along with the 1989 album One Day Christian triggered a spate of "Poco style" releases based on rhythms from Pukumina religious songs.

His latest album, Jamaica: Land of the One Love People, featuring contributions from Judy Mowatt, Kiprich, Singing Melody, Tarrus Riley, and Lady G, was released in August 2013.


Born in the area of Kingston, Jamaica. In 1960 he joined Richard Ace's band the Rhythm Aces, which also included Delano Stewart, later of the Gaylads With the group he recorded "Angella", and the local hit "A Thousand Teardrops. Gardiner performed with Kes Chin and The Souvenirs, Carlos Malcolm & the Afro Caribs, the Broncos, and later Byron Lee's Dragonaires. While working at Studio One he played on hits such as The Heptones' "On Top", Larry and Alvin's "Nanny Goat", and Marcia Griffiths' "Feel Like Jumping".

As a solo artist, Gardiner had a hit with the song "Elizabethan Reggae" in 1970. His debut album, Reggae Happening, was also released in 1970 and Gardiner’s music continued to be popular in Jamaica.

Gardiner recorded a version of Bill Withers' “Ain't No Sunshine” in 1973, as part of The Boris Gardiner Happening. In 1986, Gardiner recorded the single "I Wanna Wake Up with You", which became number 1 in the UK, the accompanying album, Everything to Me also included the follow-up hit, "You're Everything to Me", the single "The Meaning of Christmas" was also released later that year. Later, Gardiner signed to RCA Records. In 2002, a 22-track anthology, The Very Best of Boris Gardiner, was issued on CD by Music Club.


It's hard to accept that Gem Myers' biggest hit, One Man Woman, was done all of 30 years ago when she was a teenager. It could be seen as a rebuttal to songs of that era by male artistes who glorified having simultaneous relationships with several women. It was released three years after Myers made a life-changing link with the Fabulous Five Band.

"I still work with the Fab Five entity,"  "I mean, when I landed there in 1981, that was the biggest blessing in my life. They taught me all I know. It's so wonderful to be among those guys.

"Those years helped me to hone my skill and helped me to do better and better because I measure what's happening now against those days, and there's no comparison," Myers said.

No comparison indeed. With 30 years of experience to draw upon and the blessing she constantly reminds us of, Myers' vocal ability is simply amazing nowadays. Instead of shorter notes, she takes the long - really long - route, easily eliciting huge responses wherever and whenever she performs.





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