Recent political developments in the United States have reignited discussions surrounding refugees, immigrants, and the identity of the Nation. The Trump administrations gradual indictment of minority groups reflects a growing narrative that presents America’s diversity as a threat and its inclusivity as a liability. A consequence of this rhetoric has been a proposal for policies such as the immigration ban and border wall which compromise America’s humanitarian values in the pursuit of temporary security. This rude awakening bred Bars and Borders.

PURPOSE: Bars and Borders is a concert which seeks to intersect the natural advocacy of hip hop, with the urgency of a specific problem, and the civic potential of a crowd. In this specific instance, artists, fans, and community leaders will be collaborating to ensure awareness, resources, and opportunities remain for refugees stuck in transit. Bars & Borders will be featuring Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, Legendary Pete Rock, Sherif Mattar, Osa The Healer and other talented artists and performers.

COMMUNITY EXHIBIT: Bars and Borders will be featuring an opening community exhibit between 5-7pm, right before the performance. The exhibit will be bringing together civic actors and civic groups engaged in social justice work, immigration, refugee assistance work, the arts, education, women's equality, and many more. The purpose of the exhibit is for organizations to present their work, promote their services, and sell any of their organization's marketing and promotional materials to help further promote their work. Organizations are entitled to 100% of the proceeds earned at the exhibit. An application will be provided for anyone seeking to secure a table/booth. Space is limited and early submission is strongly encouraged. Please email for the application.

PROCEEDS INFORMATION: Proceeds from this event will benefit The Patricia Fleming Foundation and Do Your Part Disaster Response Team, which is based at the Oinafyta Refugee Camp in Greece. Both organizations are 501 c 3 nonprofit organizations based in the United States. Bars and Borders’ Chair Arzo Wardak recently returned from working in refugee camps in Greece and France, where she volunteered for the Patricia Fleming Foundation’s Refugee Protection Project. In response to the one of the worst refugee crises in modern history, the Refugee Protection Team works to protect refugees and displaced persons who have been victims of war, gender-based violence, torture, rape, and other forms of harm. The organization was established in memory of Patricia Fleming, a humanitarian, poet, and advocate for social justice. It coordinates medical aid and provides psychosocial support to victims to enable them to heal from trauma. A fundamental component of the organization’s work is to resettle victims from dangerous areas where they have suffered harm to safe places where they may rebuild their lives. Donations to the organization may also be made when purchasing a ticket to the concert.


1) Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

All guests must be 18 and over.

2) How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Arzo Wardak or Melody Lanoir with any questions, concerns, or inquiries at

For artist/performance information, please contact Sherif Mattar at

For additional information on the nonprofit organizations, please contact:

Patricia Fleming Foundation - Jayne Fleming -

Do Your Part, Oinafyta Refugee Camp - Lisa Campbell -

3) Is there a fee for vendor booths?

Yes, there is a small fee required. Please see the application form for the list of fees.

Fees start at $175 for individual artists and go up to $500 for commercial businesses such as banks and larger businesses. Please see the application form for additional fee information. Because we will not be using any of the ticket proceeds other than for the organizations we are supporting, 100% of the vendor booth fees will go towards covering the expenses of this event.

4) Is there a deadline to apply for a vendor booth?

Yes! The deadline is May 30, 2017. All payments must also be submitted by then. Payment arrangements can be made by contacting

5) Can vendors sell its own merchandise?

Absolutely! All vendors can sell their own merchandise that supports their cause and organization. We just ask that all transactions take place at your own booth and that you respect the space of the other vendors. And of course, 100% of your own sales are for yours to keep!

6) Do I need to bring cash?

We cannot guarantee that all vendors will have a credit card processing system, so it will be a good idea to bring extra cash.

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