The Delfonics caught the rising tide of R&B and Pop music at just the right time in the late 1960’s, when young male groups were coming into their own. The Delfonics unique style of song and well choreographed dance steps caught the world by storm. The Delfonics quickly became a stellar attraction on world wide concerts, college campuses and became one of the most sought after groups to appear at the world renowed Apollo Theater in New York.

The Delfonics continued to make the charts with their hit songs, “For  The Love I Gave To You” ready or not here I come,“Over & Over Again”, “Trying To Make A Fool Of Me”, “You’re Gone”, “Somebody Loves You” and the hits go on an on. The Delfonics had 18 songs that reached the Billoards top 20.

The Delfonics are performing throughout the united states and abroad singing their hit songs that still capture the hearts of seasoned and new Delfonics fans alike.

The Delfonics take great pride and a committed effort to be focused on their vocals style and professionalism. The Delfonics are true legends in the 21st century.

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