After starting his career in theatre in the 1970s, Dávila first gained national fame in after starring in the telenovela Ligia Elena together with its sequel Nacho. His international fame started rising then, and in 1984, he travelled to Puerto Rico, where he starred alongside Ivonne Goderich in the 1984 soap opera Diana Carolina for WAPA-TV. The series' title song, "Toda La Luz",became a number-one hit.

Dávila continued starring in telenovelas, and in 1992, he gained fame once more after starring in Cara Sucia.

As a singer, Dávila has released over ten albums, some of which reached international platinum or gold status. He sang the songs on the soundtracks for nearly all the soap operas he starred in.

Dávila had an international hit in 1989 when he recorded a duet with pop singer Kiara; the single was called "Tesoro Mío" (My Treasure) and was from the soap opera telenovela La Revancha. His first album of his new stage, Tu Corazón, followed in 1990.

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