Underground System
Underground System is a quintessential New York City band. A convergence of musical and cultural influences, the unstoppable female-fronted group of neo-afrobeat deconstructionists have cultivated a sound as inimitable as its members. Owing their foundations to traditional afrobeat (and named after a Fela Kuti song), the band has built a national reputation around a seamlessly executed stage show, astonishing wherever they go, and compelling crowds to move with unbridled verve. Robbing american “afrobeat” of its derivative formalism, Underground System continues to reinvent their brand of global dance music, remaining a force determined to recreate, redefine, and reconstruct.

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Midnight Magic
A vibrant mélange of space, afro, electro, and cosmic disco continues to dominate this eight-person dance troupe’s musical legacy and along with releasing a series of singles, EPs, and LPs the band has kept frenetically busy with remixes (for La Roux, Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!, Azari & III, Kamp! among others) as well as countless DJ sets and hi-energy performances worldwide.

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Lonely C of Soul Clap
Lonely C is the brainchild of Charles Levine, an emotive psycho-naught who came of age during the 90’s rave days and is currently splitting a time-share on planet Earth. With 20 years of DJ experience he is most at home in the DJ booth, but that has not stopped him from taking it to the stage to sing, play keys/synths and beyond. From House music, to electro, disco, funk, soul, R&B and dub, musical eclecticism is his key to moving bodies and shaping minds.

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Bamboozle aka Eli Soul Clap
The rumors are true... Bamboozle is the latest incarnation in Eli Goldstein’s 20-year DJ career. Birthed out of the '90s US rave scene playing house and jungle as DJ Elyte. Growing into E-Heavy “The Bamboozla”, one of the first supporters of 2-step and grime in the US in the early 00’s. Then teaming up with Lonely C as the mighty Soul Clap for the last 16 years. Now, it’s all about sweating to the dancefloor explorations you’ve come to expect from his vinyl heavy sets at Crew Love parties, Bamboozle BBQ Jam mixtape series, and eclectic Lot Radio show. It’s the same beard and funky wardrobe you know, with the new Bamboozle you love… 2018 is the year of Bamboozle. Between hosting his weekly radio show on Brooklyn’s The Lot Radio, compiling a House On 45 series of funk laced house 7”s for Soul Clap Records, dropping remixes for Beating Heart, Rocksteady Disco and Hobo Camp, and preparing new music to release to the world, you can catch him DJing at his spot Black Flamingo in Brooklyn and in a galaxy near you…

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