Detroit, Michigan's DEATH FROM DETROIT are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can prevail in an ever changing music industry. By aligning their unwavering dedication with a signature sound, DEATH was conceived by band leader and Guitarist David Hackney in 1973.

Although no one at the time would disagree that the unique Rock-N-Roll sound of DEATH was revolutionary, the name stirred controversy and mixed reactions. Despite the fact that one of the music industry's most well known and powerful record label executives offered DEATH a possible deal in 1975, if they considered changing their name, David still refused, staying true to their concept, vision and inspiration.

The band managed to get the master recordings back in their possession and released a 45 vinyl record in 1976, which launched the band and their music on an incredible 35 year journey.

In 2008, DEATH's music was rediscovered and noted by Rock historians as the sound that pre-dated the "Punk" movement.

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