In dust, mischief and magic we trust. As we head into the August heat, let’s blaze  through the end of summertime with one last hurrah for a morning straight out of our dusty daydreams. In homage to the ethos of Metamorphoses, let’s open our hearts  to celebrate change, explore uncertainty, respect our most authentic selves, and never forget that we hold the power to shape our own stories and transformations.

On Saturday, August 10th we’re waking up in historic Howard Theatre to tap into a fiery dose of magic for a mystical dawn before dust—all desert  creatures, wayfarers, time travelers, lucid dreamers, explorers and humanz invited.

This is your license to get freaky—break out that dusty desert gear and let your imagination  run wild. Deck out in ornate jewelry, light-up onesies, vibrant tutus, billowy robes, space helmets and unicorn heads, or anything else vibrating with vitality. You don’t need anything special to burn through routine and say F-YES to embracing self-expression—simply come as you are and spread your wings on our whimsical dance floor.


Instagram: @dybrkr

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