"With 2010's subgenre-spawning Marcberg, Roc Marciano stumbled on a formula for making New York street rap fresh for the 21st century: Raw beat loops, cleverly embellished crime tales, chin-stroking rumination and chest-out bravado delivered with serene cool and dry wit." - Rolling Stone

"Marci is in my top five emcees ever. The precision, his ability to be an incredible architect with words. The man is a craftsman with the pen. There's a lot of great n*** s that's afraid to rhyme with him. A lot of n*** s is scared of my mans!" - Busta Rhymes

"In an increasingly-predictable rap universe top-heavy with trolling mumble-rappers and formulaic pop-trap beats, Rosebudd's Revenge's quiet-storm menace makes for a surreptitiously potent punch of heavyweight Hip Hop." - Hip-Hop DX


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