The Grammy Award winning, Platinum;album selling, New Jersey super;group, Naughty By Nature, has a track record of creating the hits and party anthems that have become the soundtrack to our lives. Their music has smashed through mainstream barriers all while remaining true to the sound, message and grit of the hood. And now, these three kings of the Hip;Hop anthem have formally claimed their titles with the 25th Anniversary celebration of the group.

Life is good. Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee keep doing what they do best: creating undeniably classic, hand;raising, life;affirming, Hip;Hop music. “We wouldn’t have been doing it this long if we didn’t know we could keep giving people that authentic Naughty feeling,” says the group’s master lyricist Treach.

Few groups in music can boast a twenty;five;year career that has been both consistent and history making. Naughty By Nature, initially called New Style, began performing at talent shows and were discovered by fellow New Jersey native and then;emerging Hip;Hop artist, Queen Latifah. Eventually signing the group to her management company Flavor Unit Management, Latifah helped them land a deal with Tommy Boy Records.

Naughty By Nature’s self;titled debut album was released in 1991 and quickly assaulted the music charts with the instant classic #1 hit “O.P.P.” The group quickly became crossover stars, while maintaining their ghetto sensibility. To date, their success and longevity as a Hip;Hop group has been unparalleled. The trio went on to produce their follow;up albums that have become part of America’s Hip; Hop legacy: 19#Naughty#III (1993), Poverty’s#Paradise (1995) and Nature’s#Fury (1999). Naughty By Nature’s latest release Anthem#Inc. features re;records and brand new NBN material.

Inevitably, a break;up in 1999 would lead to the group members each following different, yet equally successful, personal endeavors. As a producer, Kay Gee went onto produce award winning music with artists including: Queen Latifah, Luther Vandross, Notorious B.I.G, Jaheim, Next and Zhane. As an actor, Treach found success in film and television offering critically acclaimed performances in HBO’s original series The# Sopranos and OZ, along with Jason’s# Lyric, Soul# Food, the Hip;Hop cult;classic Juice and several other films. Most recently Treach has been on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) and Person of Interest (CBS).

Naughty By Nature completed their highly successful HH2O#Tour celebrating the 20th Anniversary of “Hip Hop Hooray.” In order to support this tour, they made appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, MTV and VH1. NBN also began doing live sets with The Roots bringing a band element to their shows for the first time in Naughty By Nature’s history. VH1 bestowed their coveted “Hip;Hop Honor” to the group as innovators of our culture.

For the 25th Anniversary of Naughty By Nature the band has lots of surprises in store for their fans. The group will continue to tour globally, ripping up stages from Australia to Canada and New Jersey to South Africa. Naughty By Nature is on their A;game and they have no plans to stop anytime soon. Here’s to the next twenty;five!

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