The Hip Hop Caucus is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that uses hip hop as common ground to reach a new generation of young urban adults to bridge the gap with civil rights identification in the 21st century and collective action for change.

Best known for their civic engagement and get out the vote campaigns ‘Vote Or Die’ with Diddy in 2004, ‘Respect My Vote’ with T.I. in 2008 and ‘Respect My Vote’ with 2 Chainz in 2012.

This spring the Hip Hop Caucus will be doing the ‘Act on Climate’ Campus Tour  and will be holding six events in conjunction with six college campuses (5 HBCUs and one non-HBCU), where students will be speaking on the impacts of climate change, and discussing solutions, and sending messages to Washington that they want action on climate. These events will include young activists, movement leaders, people from the entertainment industry and culture makers, and political establishment folks.

These are high energy events where people really get excited about working in their communities to highlight and stop the suffering from climate change/fossil fuel pollution in their communities, and bring awareness to neighborhoods where people of color have disproportionately high rates athsma/cancer due to air/water pollution.

The Hip Hop Caucus is excited to present the Washington, DC event at The Historic Howard Theatre!

Act on Climate Tour »

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  • Hip Hop Caucus Act On Climate Tour - Howard Flyer
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