In Japan, Spain and Germany they are the rage. Record breaking audiences of young Latino and Asian music lovers fill stadiums and arenas in California and Las Vegas to hear them. Traveling throughout the world, everyone knows the words to their songs. They make an impression that is so deep, it transcends generations, cultures, ethnicity and other musical genres. Yes, RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN aka The Moments has the explicit reputation for Performance Excellence, Outstanding Stage Presence and Consistent Standing Ovation/Crowd Pleasing Shows!

The Moments were formed in 1969 and recorded as “the Moments” on the Stang Record Label (later known as Sugar Hill). In 1979 the group left Stang who owned the name “The Moments” and went to Polydor Records. At Polydor they decided to label themselves with their own names, Harry Ray, Al Goodman, and Billy Brown, hence Ray, Goodman & Brown. Goodman & Brown now own the name. With a sophisticated seduction of human emotions, the pure harmonies of their blended voices strike an emotional affinity with anyone in listening range. They are, without a doubt, exceptionally talented, and their style has been cultivated to suit any event or venue. On stage, they exude a sexy savoir-faire performance that absolutely encompasses female audiences and, at the same time, promotes a polished assuredness among their male counterparts!

The group members currently consist of: Billy Brown (first tenor and lead singer) who had been a member of the Broadways and the Uniques before becoming a member of The Moments. Brown’s flexible tenor lead vocals are a true mainstay in the group. You can hear him on such songs as “Love on a Two-Way Street”, “Lovely Way She Loves”,” I Do” and “Not on the Outside” just to name a few. Kevin Owens (first tenor & falsetto) replaced original member Harry Ray as a lead vocalist for the group while Ray pursued a solo artist. For nearly 25 years Owens performed background vocals for the late great Luther Vandross. He was also lead vocalist for Ray, Goodman & Brown during that same timeframe. Kevin delivers his songs with an excitement and energy that leaves audiences wanting more! Larry “Ice” Winfree (second tenor & baritone) has been with the group for 27 years and sings background & lead vocals. Additionally, Winfree exclusively designs the group’s unique one-of-a-kind stage attire with GQ flair. Sadly, on July 26, 2010 the group experienced a shock when original member, Al Goodman, passed away during a surgery. Al (bass/baritone) was a former member of the Corvettes and the Vipers. After joining The Moments, Al became one of the major writers and producers for the group and many other artists. Some of his projects (which were jointly written by his partner, Harry Ray) were ”Look At Me I’m In Love”, “Sexy Mama”, “Inside of You” and “Special Lady”. Ray, Goodman & Brown aka The Moments had a string of hits on the pop and soul charts in the 70’s. They included “Love on a Two Way Street”, “If I Didn’t Care”, “Gotta Find a Way”, “Sexy Mama” and “Look At Me I’m in Love” and more. Al’s untimely transition was preceded by that of the group’s third original member Harry Ray. Harry joined The Moments in 1970 after working with the Valtairs and the Establishment. He died in 1992.

In 2003, Ray, Goodman & Brown experienced another career highlight. Seeking a special sound for one of the songs on her Grammy Award Winning album “Diary of Alicia Keys”, Alicia selected Ray, Goodman and Brown to perform background vocals on her hit single “You Don’t Know My Name”. The group performed and appeared with Alicia on national television shows (Ellen DeGeneres, The View, Good Morning America, Jay Leno, 106 & Park – BET etc.) and at the Vibe Awards and various parties and shows.

Most recently Goodman, Brown, and Owens, along with George Kerr formed their own record label--De Fouvus Records (meaning the four of us). The first CD on the label is “A Moment With Friends”. On the CD Ray, Goodman & Brown perform (in their own way) memorable hits of the 70’s that were originally recorded by their friends including: “Spinning Around”, I’m So Proud”, “You’ve Been My Inspiration” (Main Ingredient), “La La Means I Love You” and ”Break Your Promise” (Delfonics), Coldest Days of My Life” (Chi-Lites), “Side Show” and “Three Ring Circus” (Blue Magic), “Oo Baby Baby” (the Miracles), “Look Over Your Shoulder” (O’Jays), “Feel So Good to be Loved So Bad” (Manhattans) and more. They are currently working on an album called “Gerald Alston Sings Sam Cooke”.

Luck does not play a part in Ray, Goodman, & Brown’s aka The Moments celebrated 41 years in the music industry. A spiritually based group, they realize that their success in the business comes from being blessed. They are charitable by nature and believe in giving back. They can be found lending their talents to various fund raising events for not-for-profit organizations in the community and nationally.

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