Sirius Company Ft. Kim & Scooby

Introducing Sirius Co. feat. Ms Kim Michelle & Frank Sirius aka. Scooby.
Ms. Kim Michelle: Kimberly "Ms. Kim" Michelle, is definitely a trend setter for female GoGo artist. In 1995, she made her way onto the GoGo scene with the infamous Wickedest Band Alive, Rare Essence. "Ms. Kim" performed with Rare Essence for years, where she made her footprint in GoGo. During her tenure with RE, she set a new high for women in GoGo, when she recorded Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me".
Frank Sirius aka "Scooby": As one of the lead singers for the trend-setting GoGo Band, L!SSEN, penned the "Godson of GoGo", and the motivating factor of many of L!SSEN's sellout performances all over the east coast, his soulful, heart pounding melodies and his smooth vocals can not be denied.
Together, these amazing entertainers, nicknamed "The Dynamic Duo", have teamed up with an extremely talented group of musicians to form their own band and sound, soon to be discovered, as they embark on a career as a groundbreaking style of band, never before seen in GoGo. A combination of sounds from music such as, GoGo, R&B/Soul, Pop, and Hip Hop genres, this GoGo group is undoubtedly on the verge of stardom.

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The Vybe Band

Vybe was formed in 2002 after the expiration of a group called Virtuous. Vybe started as a R&B cover band, which performed weekly at J's Sport Cafe in Laurel, Md. Eventually Vybe layered their R&B sound over D.C.'s GO-GO pocket. The streets of D.C. calls this style 'Pocket Jazz' or 'Grown & Sexy', but we just call it music. Vybe's sound is heavily influenced by the 'The Godfather of GO-GO' Chuck Brown.

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Let it Flow

An R&B/Neo-Soul ensemble consisting of some of the Washington Metro area’s finest musicians and vocalists, Let It Flow captivates audiences with a stirring mix of contemporary jazz, neo-soul, R&B, Hip-Hop sprinkled with a few “old-school” classics.

The visionary behind Let It Flow is no stranger to the music culture of Washington, DC.

Malik Savage is a pure musician with the uncanny ability to attract and manage untapped talent. Armed with a business degree and an entrepreneurial spirit, Malik founded and managed Exquisite Entertainment, Inc. for five successful years. In 2006, Malik’s vision shifted and he formed Let It Flow.  Malik not only manages this team of exceptional musicians and vocalists, but he is also the band’s lead drummer.

Let It Flow also features the sultry vocal stylings of Pam Ward and Keith Angelo. This dynamic duo’s smooth, soulful sound brings energy and emotion to even the most serene surroundings. What music connoisseurs can expect to hear is a complete package of honey-coated goodies by the most charismatic trio ever to share the microphone.

The solid rhythm section that completes Let It Flow has well over three decades of musical experience. On boards is the band’s Music Director, Greg Rice, whose innovative sounds have captured audiences alongside gifted musicians such as Bryan Mills, Brian LeNair,  Stan Cooper, Ricky Wellman, Chuck Brown, and Proper Utensils.  In addition to performing, Greg has written music for various Jazz and R&B artists.

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Faycez U Know ft Halima Peru

Faycez U Know is an American Soul and Funk band from the Washington, DC Metropolitan (DMV) area with the drive of the DC “Go-Go” swing. They have the showman ship vastly compared to the likes of the Rolling Stones, and the versatility of a Parliament Party…
The group is blessed with musicians who are determined to provide the entertainment of the old school showstoppers while carrying the modern sound of music. The groups quintessential soul singer (Halima Peru) hails from Miami, Florida and so does her raw sound, sun kissed voice and the feet that are sure to roam the stage and crowd. The sultry voiced male singer (Keenen (KO) Ivor) delivers satisfaction faster than a speeding bullet. That grand sound of the bass guitar comes from no other than Kenneth “Doc” Hughes. Anthony "Tom Tom" Talley adds that powerful keyboard fire and creativity to the stage while Andrew (da Jazz Guitarist )Hawkins adds that amazing rhythm and lead guitar to give the music that smooth silky sound. The phenomenal percussion section is led by William "Kemmy" Slade on drums, Craig “Clip” Clipper and Quentin McNair. And just when you thought it was over, we have Scott “LaRoc” Carter giving spoken word and rap.
On a quest to constantly bring you a sound to make you move to the music, it’s no wonder they are growing so swiftly in popularity. Their presentation is just what the doctor ordered to sooth and lift your spirits. After all, music is medicine for the soul and they intend to medicate properly. The Faycez-U-Know music group has performed with and backed many local and national recording artist such as rappers Beanie Seagul and Method Man, R&B artist Carl Thomas, R Kelly, Fantasia, Chuck Brown, Raheem Devaughn, Jaguare Wright, Marsha Ambrosius just to name a few. This is definitely an experience to witness live because if you blink you will miss something.

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