Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian born and bred Afro Pop and Highlife artist with a wholesome spirit, native roots and music that speaks to the world.  He gained recognition from his very first release, "Sade", a love song which sampled the instrumental from One Direction's "Story of My Life".  Subsequent to the his first single he dropped two albums "Gold" and "About 30" in 2016 and 2018 respectively which both debuted at no 7 and no 9 on the Billboard Chart in world category. Adekunle released a single on the 1st of March 2019 (Before You Wake Up) and judging from the reception, this year's project due for release in the summer is going to be a widely received success.  His current single "Before You Wake Up" is available on all platforms.

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Mannywellz, Born in Lagos Nigeria and raised in Maryland, is an artist that creates from his soul and spirit, for the soul and spirits of the listener. He is a young lover of music and his ability to navigate through different genres, allows him to instantly connect to people with different musical preferences. Recently a “house studio Artist grant” recipient in 2014. There he was able to record and complete his most recent project titled “We||Z” (wellz) for free, in a week (4 days to be exact). Also had the opportunity to open up for Mali music in October 2014. He lives to serve and spread real, authentic love through his music and his daily life. “IFeLife” is what you call it. He is all about Peace, Faith, Hope and Love.

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