3/5 Ehud Banai (Just Announced)

Ehud Banai requires no introduction. His music has been accompanying us for over three decades. Our paths have crossed in the…

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2/8 Slick Rick (Just Announced)

Ricky Martin Lloyd Walters, better known to the world as “Slick Rick”, is a Grammy-nominated, English-born performer and the most…

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3/9 Zinorbita – Heroes Del Silencio El Tributo (Just Announced)

Tickets go on sale Monday, January 7, 2019 @ 12:00 PM Zinorbita - Oficial Tributo to Heroes del Silencio with Pedro Andreu…

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5/19 Soledad Pastorutti (Just Announced)

Soledad ‘La Sole’ Pastorutti is an Argentine folk singer who brought the genre to the younger generations at the end…

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